Apocynaceae family Characteristics: Inflorescence, floral formula| Dogbane family

Apocynaceae family Characteristics: Inflorescence, floral formula| Dogbane family

Apocynaceae family Characteristics: floral formula
Inflorescence| Dogbane family:- About Apocynaceae family dogbane is that the Oleander contains cardiac glycosides. Children have died after roasting hot dogs on the sticks. Taxonomists have reclassified the former Milkweed family as a subfamily of the Dogbanes, greatly expanding the size of the family. Also used as Apocynaceae family medicinal plants for making drugs.

About apocynaceae family drugs:- Apocynaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes trees, shrubs, herbs, stem succulents, and vines, commonly known as the dogbane family, (Greek for “away from dog” since some taxa were used as dog poison).

Apocynaceae family description

All information about apocynaceae family is given below:-

 Systematic position:

Class – Dicotyledonae

Sub class – Gamopetalae

Series – Bicarpellatae

Order – Gentianales

• Include about 200 genera and 2000 species

• Distributed mainly in tropical abd sub tropical regions of the world

• In India, 30 genera and 84 species have been reported

Common plants:

1.Thevetia peruviana 2. Nerium indicum 3. Catharanthus roseus (sadabahar) 4. Plumeria acutifolia 5. Tabernaemontana divaricata (chandni) 6. Alstonia scholaris 7. Rauvolfia serpentina (sarpgandha)


Herbs, Shrubs, Twiners, and Lianas with white latex, Rarely trees

• Stem:

Apocynaceae Characteristics: stem


woody or climbing




•  Leaf:

Ramal and cauline -Simple -Opposite

Apocynaceae Characteristics: leaves

decussate or whorled (Alstonia), Alternate (Thevetia) -Margin entire -Exstipulate -Unicostate reticulate venation


 – panicle -Terminal Cymose – -Or solitary( Catharanthus)


Apocynaceae Characteristics: flower

• Bracteate

• Bracteolate

• Complete

• Bisexual

• Actinomorphic

• Pentamerous (rarely tetramerous)

• Hypogynous Rarely epigynousor perigynous


Sepals 5(rarely 4)

Mostly polysepalous

( in some gamosepalous)

Valvate or quincuncial(Thevetia)


Petals 5(rarely 4)

Usually gamopetalous


Apocynaceae Characteristics: corolla

   salver shaped (Tabernaemontana) or funnel shaped

Twisted or valvate astivation

Hairy growth present at the mouth of corolla tube called corona

Apocynaceae Characteristics: Androecium:

Stamens 5 ( also 4)



Alternate with petals

Filament short

Anthers – oblong,

Apocynaceae Characteristics: Androecium:

  linear or sagittate introse and dithecous ring like or glandular disc present.

Gynoecium :


Unilocular or bilocular

Superior ovary (partially inferior eg: Plumeria)

Placentation marginal

Style simple

Stigma – thickened,

   massive and bilobed

fruit of Apocynaceae

Fruit :


Sometimes capsule

Drupe Or berry


Apocynaceae Characteristics: Floral formula

Floral formula of Apocynaceae or the floral formula of nerium indicum

Apocynaceae Characteristics: Floral formula

Apocynaceae Characteristics: Floral formula and Floral diagram

Apocynaceae family floral diagram

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