Diet menu for patients of Hypertension, Diabetes and Nephritis

Diet menu for patients of Hypertension, Diabetes and Nephritis

Many of people are suffering from these major problem to overcome from all these sticking diseases I will tell the Diet menu for patients of Hypertension, Diabetes and Nephritis

Diet list for different patients as per their disease is following –

1. Diet Menu for the Patient of Hypertension 

diet menu for hypertension, diabetes, nephritis

A person with  blood pressure higher than the upper limit of 140 is a patient of hypertension. There are many reasons behind hypertension. Such as – stress, anxiety, anger, lack of physical activity and irregular diet plan. Hypertension patients should follow the following steps to regulate or reduce their blood pressure –

1. Hypertension patients should include cereals such as wheat, rice, ragi, corn, sprouted pulses, fish, green vegetables and fresh fruits in their diet.

2. They should use vegetable oil such as sunflower or soyabean oil.

3. Hypertension patients should not take oily items, butter, ghee, dalda, chips, chicken meat, pickle, papad, sauce, chocolate, ice cream, cake, cold drink etc.

4. Hypertension patients should take minimum amount of salt and should not take salaf with salt.

5. They should always use fresh green vegetables. 

6. Food items with hight potassium content such ad banana, orange, potato, coconut water is helpful in reducing the blood pressure.  Therefore,  a hypertension patient should include these items in his diet.

7. Fat soluble vitamins increased the cholesterol in blood thus increasing the possibility of hypertension. Water soluble vitamins provide adequate nutrition to the hypertension patients and helps in reducing the  blood pressure. Therefore,  they should include freash fruits, lemon, gooseberry, cauliflower, beetroot, papaya etc.

Diet Menu for the Nephritis patients

1. Nephritis patients should reduce the quantity of protein component from their diet such as milk, egg, pulses etc.

2. They should take more water and highly reduce salt from their diet.

3. High quantity of vitamins must  be included in their diet and nutrition such  as fats , carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus etc. Should be reduced  to very small quantities.

4. It is preferable to give only fruits and vegetable juice to the patient.

5. For proper nutrition,  the patient can be given banyana, papaya, grape, carrot, goat milk, cucumber and coconut.

Diet Menu for the Diabetic patients 

When glucose level in blood or increases then the person is diabetic.  It is very important for such patients to take balanced diet. Diabetic patient can reduce the increased level of glucose in thier blood by following their diet plan and in this way they can control the disease. Diabetes occurs due to overeating or obesity. So, first the patient should reduce his diet quantity.  Diet list  of a diabetic patient is following –

1. Morning tea should be sugarless and without cream.

2. A cup of milk without sugar, sprout, dry fruits should be taken in breakfast ( should not take sweet dry fruits like raisins, dry dates, etc. Or fruits).

3. Diabetic patients should not strave. So, they can take a cup of buttermilk or vegetables soup between breakfast and lunch.

4. 2-3 chappatis, 100 grams of pulses, a cup of lentil water, a cup of curd without sugar, green vegetables, salad.

5. Diabetic patients can take a cup of sugarless yea or lighter diet between linch and dinner.

6. Diabetic patients should increase the amount of protein containing items  in their diet should also be increased.  Intake of potato, maize, rice, banana, appel, melon, and sugar shouldbe reduced.

Diet Menu for Heart Patient – 

Heart disease generally occur in people over 35 year of age. Obesity, hypertension, heredity and wrong food habits may cause heart disease.

It is a chronic disease that keeps on becoming worse in the body. Wrong diet planing during childhood and adult age also causes this disease. Thise suffering from this disease sholud take special care of their diet plan. They should take smalm and simple diet. Their diet should include very small quantities of oily items,  chilli,  spices and salt. Heart patients should adopt the following liet list to keep their heart health –

1. Heart patients should have maximum fruits and vegetables in their diet so that they can receive adequate vitamins and minerals.  Fruits and green vegetables are low calorie food and help in regulating the cholesterol level in tge body.

2. Heart patients should increase intake of whole grains like wheat flour, brown rice, barley, millet flour etc. in the diet. They should either reduce or not at all take fine flour,  bread, biscuit, pizza, burger etc.

3. They should reduce the quantity of fat in their diet bu 10 percent. Heart patient should take only 4 percent fat containing items in their diet. They should include boiled egg, meat, fish and milk without creamin diet.

4. Heart patient should include fat-free oils like olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, fish oil, soyabean oil etc. in their diet.

5. Items which increased cholesterol such as butter, ghee, cream, gravy, chocolate,  coconut oil should be excluded from the diet.

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