Confidence and Overconfidence Huge Difference | Is you know about yourself that you are confident or not?

Confidence and Overconfidence Huge Difference | Is you know about yourself that you are confident or not?

Difference between confidence and overconfidence 

There is lot of difference between confidence and overconfidence Have you ever been termed as overconfident ?   Or Still struggling to find out where did you go wrong ? If the answer of these two questions is yes then you are at right place.

Confidence  and Overconfidence  are common words that play a huge part in our  behaviour and nature. The words  are not clearly defined with many people describing them in many different  ways. There is a fine line between the confidence and overconfidence  and its is essential to know where the boundary lies Difference between confidence and overconfidence 


Confidence  is a state of being sure of one’s ability. A person is certain that hypothesis or predictions is correct in the source of action is the most effective. 

Type of confidence 

1. Confidence  in an object – know what the thing can and cannot do.

2. Confidence  in someone else – having faith and trust on someone’s abilities.

3. Self confidence – having faith in one’s own ability. 

A confident person must understand  himself in order to confident he must be sure of his own ability and understand his own limitations.


Overconfidence  is overestimate of one’s ability or the ability of a particular object. 

Mostly overconfidence is associated with oneself where someone believe that they are always right or  incapable  of being wrong .

A statement such is this may be considered as overconfidence statement 

Overconfidence often results in trying to make oneself seem better than others. Often the person is unable to live up to the promises he or she makes.

Put youR nose in air CONFIDENCE

Can’t keep promises

Acc to psychologists they have determined that overconfidence causes people to overestimate their knowledge, overestimate risks and exaggerate their ability to control events . An overconfident person  is always  think about the outcomes they have no interest in work but they have their interest in outcomes.

Some traits of confident people 

  1. Don’t try to prove anything to anyone.
  2. Donot  seek others attention.
  3. Exhibit joy and happiness at all time.
  4. Are naturally radiant.
  5. Quite and understated.
  6. Not afraid to speak the truth.
  7. Express themselves freely when the situation demands.
  8. Authentic in their expression.
  9. People feel confident in their company.
  10. Exclude a natural magnetism and charisma.

Some traits of overconfident people 

  1. Display overconfidence because they don’t feel good about themselves.
  2. Unsatisfied and unhappy.
  3. Seek validation from outside.
  4. Display bravado to compensate for feelings of inferiority.
  5. Make fun of others.6. Cannot take a joke about themselves.
  6. Loud and noisy.
  7. Speak loudly forcefully to prove their point.
  8. They self doubt that lurks behind the overconfident person.
  9. Always think about the outcomes rather then the work.

After a huge research i found that I am also an overconfident person because above traits matches to mine attitude because i don’t know about the boundary between these two words.But now its clear to  me and from now i will try to improve myself and try  be a  confident person. I think we should build an unshakeable confidence in our behaviour it will definitely help us to achieve the success.

Plxx share it with your friends  because a confident person believe in everyone’s winning. If you think there is something wrong in this article then comment below.  And  subscribe yo my website (blog)

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