How love is different from like | A great conclusion | Are you in love ?

How love is different from like | A great conclusion | Are you in love ?

if a person loves you like your mom your dad. because your mom is the only person who didn’t care if you look ugly this is love, on the other hand, if your lovebird treats you like your mom then you are with the right person. Various time your friends say that you are not looking good today but there is no time when your mom said this is love, love is not only from the body or from by the face love is from the depth of your heart.

Maximum oy you guys have this question in your mind that love is different and like is different

Yes, you are absolutely right but I have such a great answer for you. If you want to know that with a person you have to spend your time, that may be him or her then, only then you came to swim in the ocean of love with him or her.


love is not a Filmy thing that today you see someone and right there you fall in the love with him/her. This is nothing just an attraction and there is a huge difference between attraction and luv which we discuss other time.

but for little knowledge, the attraction is like that if you see your favorite car then
that moment it attracts you, this simply defines attraction


But it is that if you have a budget hatchback but that hatchback holds you all the way
and if your small family hatchback gets scratched then that feeling is called love.

so i think it helps you little to get clarified about the lUV and attraction 🙂


If we conclude this we should know some important points

1: love is the one with whom you can spend your whole life without any>>>>>[no suitable word]
2: love is that when you start to understand someone like no one else can, and he/she also have the same feeling for you.{like your mom}
3: love is you don’t ever hesitate to tell anything to him/her means you know that he/she will not be angry on you if not it’s your mistake.
4: He or she will always cooperate with you and then you will the same.

this is all about lovee that i know

BUT here a geat twist arrives that the love with bf *or *gf is little different
it also contain few points

love in gf/bf

1: You know that he/she likes you without any greed

1.1: But you have to note one thing that everyone in your life wants something from you even your mom
she wants you to be successful because she wants her name to be announced when you achieve something great.
this means even your bf/gf also wants something from you
that means he/she saw something in you which is imp for him./her and for your life also,
so we can say that everyone in your life expects something of their mean from you.

2: If you were happy with him or not that doesn’t mean that he understands you and you also.

3: It may be an attraction, you may get attracted by him or her [sometimes it may take a long]

4: Your bf/gf is your best friend.

In the end, if you want to know that you love someone or not then take your time and you get to know this automatically. The whole nature gives you the answer.

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