Facts about old Indian age and information| Top 50 OMG Facts on Facts: Believe It Or Not.

Facts about old Indian age and information| Top 50 OMG Facts on Facts: Believe It Or Not.

Facts about old Indian age and information that you may had never read or you may not know about these facts. Go down and enjoy Facts about old Indian age and information

Facts about old Indian age and information

  1. Nizam Usman Ali Khan from hydrabad, in 1940s he was the only richest person of the world who has near about 2 billion dollars of amount at that time.
  2. The value of pie first described by Indian in 6th century.
  3. Ashoka the great was most probably the first Indian ruler to unite entire empire under hi control.
  4. Adams Bridge (Ram Setu) is the mysterious bridge which connects Inadia with Shri Lanka. According to ramayana it was made by vanar sena (man live in forest) by writing the name of Lord RAMA on floating stones.
  5. Sai temple of Shirdi is among the top pilgrimage sites of the world.This temple is a beautiful shrine that was built in 1922.
  6. Rust Free Pillar is an anti rust pillar which is situated in delhi and made up of iron hydrogen Phosphate hydrate. Now a question arises that 2000 year earlier how the use of these advance type of elements and compounds could be possible.
  7. The Mosque of Siddi Bashir at Ahemedabad has shaking minarets on either side if its main entrance. These minarets are shaken many time a day by the visitors who climb to the top watch then move.
  8. The great temple also called the Brihadeshwar temple at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu was the first temple to be built of large granite stone blocks.
  9. Taj Mahal is not a monument made by Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan according to a professor Pn oak of delhi . In reality it was a temple of Lord Shiva which was converted into samadhi of her wife Mumtaj Mahal.
  10. The Samrat Yantra in the obesevatory in Jaipur is a sundial which shows local solar time accurate to half a minute.

12. Rabindranath Tagore was awarded Knighthood in 1915 but he surrounded it in 1919 following the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

13. The sultan of Mysore, Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan were the first in the world to make use of rockets against the British army

14. Plastis Surgery first discovered in in India. Susurta is a father of Surgery. 184 chapters with descriptions of 1,120 illnesses, 700 medicinal plants, 64 preparations from mineral sources and 57 preparations based on animal sources is described by Susurta.

15. Homi J Bhabha is the father of the Indian Nuclear Programe

16. Until 1896, India was only source for diamonds to the world.

17. The longest railway platform in the world is at the Gorakhpur Railway Station measuring 1366.33 meters.

18. Mugal Empire is one of the longest running empire in India.

19. Before New Delhi, Kolkata was the capital of India. New Delhi was made its capital in the year of 1911.

20. The Sun Temple is known by a special name, the Black Pagoda because of the black shade of the stone used to built it.

21. There is a Species of Shark that inhabits the ‘Holy River’ Ganges.

22. During 2004 India consider Dolphins as a non human person.

23. India was the richest country on earth until the time of British invasion in the early 17th Century.

24. A total of 1,05,443 newspapers/periodicals are registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) as on 31st March 2015. More than 4500 newspapers are circulated in more than 250 languages every day.

25. The XIX Commonwealth Games were held in Delhi from 3 october to 14 october 2010. Its mascot was Shera – the Royal Bengal Tiger and was the largest multi- sport event conducted till date in India.

26. India never invade any country in her last 100000 years of history.

27. The earliest reservoir and dam for irrigation was built in Saurashtra.

28. Dr. C.V Raman was the first Indian scholar who studied wholly in India and receive the novel price.

29. The word ‘shampoo’ is actually Indian. It derives from the word ‘Champu’, a Sanskrit word for ‘massage’

30. India has world’s 3rd largest road network. It also considers has the world’s 2nd largest rail network.

31. The production of textiles is one of the major industries in india. Millions of people work at spinning, weaving and finishing a wide range of cotton and other good, often printed with designs that have been in use for centuries.

32. Indians had reached a very high standard in stone carving. The Ashokan Pillars were carved form single blocks of stone. Stone of them are 14 m high surmounted with finely carved capitals.

33. Indian Sumits were the first in the world to manufacture steel. More than 2000 years ago by Porus 30 pounds of steel made in India was given to Alexander the great in 326 B.C.

34. Hanuman travelled thousands of kilometers to swallow it thinking of it as a fruit’. The word-to-word translation of the same excerpt reveals the distance that Hanuman travelled. 1 Yuga = 12000 years. 1 Sahsra Yuga = 12000000 years. Also, 1 Yojan = 8 miles.

35. In 1967 an Indian states man deliver a long speech for 8 hours in UN Security Council. He finished his speech when he fell down because of unconsciousness.

36. Vast details on embryology, human anatomy, along with instructions for venesection, the positioning of the patient for each vein, and the protection of vital structures (marma) is described in a book written by Sushruta Samhita. The oldest documented evidence (9000 years) for the drilling of human teeth of a living person was found in Mehrgarh along with the evidences of orthopedic surgeries.

37. Malappuram in kerela is the first e-literate district in India.

38. More than 10% of the population (out of more than 125 crores) of India speaks English, which makes India world’s 2nd largest English speaking country after the USA in the world.

39. Sun moves in its orbit which itself is moving. Earth and other bodies move around sun due to force of attraction, because sun is heavier than them.” is written in Rigveda.

40. Ramakrishna Paramhans was a great religious saint and teacher of Bengal whose teaching led Swami Vivekanand to found the Rama Krishna Mission.

41. Before Isaac Newton explained gravity, ancient Indian scholars had already figured out this concept.

42. Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans. Charaka, the father of medicine consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago. Today Ayurveda is fast regaining its rightful place in our civilization.

43. The biggest family in the world is in India. A super grand family having 167 members lives in the state of Mizoram in North East India.

44. The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC.

45. A common agriculturist and an active freedom fighter at that time, Pingali Venkayya designed the “Tricolor.” However, with suitable finishing touches and modifications by the Indian National Congress, it was thereafter, adopted as the National Flag of free India.

46. First University of the world was built in 4 AD which was established in 700 B.C. is Takshila Nalanda University was considered the best university in the subcontinent.

47. The first recorded civilization in the area appeared just over 5,000 years ago. This was the Indus Valley Harappan Civilization, c. 3300-1900 BCE, in what is now Pakistan and northwestern India.

48. In the eighth century, when Islam arrived the Islamic movement become a huge political power in India, especially in the in northern regions.

49. Mahabharata Mentions The Concept Of Cloning, Test Tube Babies, And Surrogate Mothers. The fact that in the Mahabharata, Gandhari had 100 sons, But the scientific explanation behind her giving birth to a 100 kidsis that each ‘Kaurava’ was created by splitting the single embryo into 100 parts and growing each part in a separate kund (container). This is identical to the cloning process today.

50. Tallest statue of the world, with the height of 182 meters (597 ft), the “Statue of Unity” is an iconic landmark statue of India’s first Home Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a visionary leader and statesman; hailed as the “Iron Man of India.”

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