How Litchi Fruit becomes Deadly for us | Chamki Bukhar | What is litchi syndrome

How Litchi Fruit becomes Deadly for us | Chamki Bukhar | What is litchi syndrome

In June 2019, in our country of India, fever has knocked in India, due to Litchi and Litchi Fruit becomes Deadly for us since it is known as Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) or Chamki fever. The indirect brain affects the children and about many of the children have died this month.

Litchi fruit

Amount Per 1 fruit without refuse (9.6 g) contains Calories 6, 100g Litchi contains 66 calories and 1 cup (190g) contain 125 calories for more click here

Chamki Bukhar

To aware you about What is that reason for the fact that today’s fairly fruitful fruit LITCHI is a dangerous factor, often because of the reason of coming from a few years causes children to die due to eating litchi. This mysterious death of children due to litchi is a great problem that until one day before, the children are healthy but parents of children are brought them to the hospital the next day.

How Litchi Fruit become Deadly for us

After very much investigation, it was discovered that the real root of this disease is Lichi itself. When a raw leche eats by an empty stomach undernourished child then the child is at risk of this disease. Studies say that this fruit rich in vitamin C and if an empty stomach or it is eaten so much that after that you did not eat food then this can prove to be fatal. The study also found that litchis, particularly the unripe ones, contain a certain amino acid that affects blood glucose levels severely. Any undernourished baby eats it in the evening and does not eat anything at night then it becomes dangerous for health. This is particularly so in the case of young children as they have limited hepatic glycogen reserves. Hypoglycin A and methylenecyclopropylglycine (MCPG), which are naturally present in litchi fruit, make the condition worse. The toxins block enzymes involved in normal glucose metabolism and this results in an inability to synthesize glucose leading to acutely low level of blood sugar. The build-up of other metabolic by-products could also have an adverse effect (encephalopathy) on the child. These two cause death in many children.

How to take litchi

Doctors say that after eating leeches in the evening we should eat food and night. Litchi is safe, but the real reason for the death of these children is to take the raw green and small Litchies. The empty stomach also attacks by eating and continuous vomiting starts. Health experts tried to come up with some explanations – some said it was a deadly virus, while others advised not to consume unripe litchis – but nothing was concrete. The litchi mystery seems to have finally been solved now. It has been found that litchi contains certain natural toxins, mainly said to be in the seeds. Apparently, the toxic nature of litchi is not an unknown fact. STEPS we should use while eating Litchi because we all know How Litchi Fruit becomes Deadly for us

1. Choose a ripe lychee.

2. Peel the end of the lychee.

3. Squeeze or tear off the skin.

4. Dig out the seed.

Our fruits are not wrong, but if they have a wrong way of eating then it can prove to be life-threatening to us. Many of the Indians do not know how to take food in an effective manner so because of this they fall ill so if you want to know about that so CLICK HERE

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