Skin How to get relief from skin related disease |skin problems

Skin How to get relief from skin related disease |skin problems

how to fight with skin related diseases is the most difficult question nowadays….. As we all know skin is our first line of defense. We should take care of our skin because it is also the largest organ of our body so let me tell you How to get relief from skin realted disease |skin problems. Skin acts as a protective sheath of the human body. It is firm and flexible and safeguards the body parts beneath it from the air, water, external matter, and bacteria. Any injury or damage to skin affects the whole body. Therefore, it is important to keep the skin safe and clean. Following practices important to keep the skin safe and clean and tell us about how to fight with skin related diseases. Following practices should be adopted for the safety and clean


Many of us avoid bathing but you know that there are small pores in the skin, through which sweat is released. Sweat is the excretory matter in the body which has many chemicals into it which are a good meal for the bacteria and germs. If this sweat is not removed from the body, skin, will be infected and suffer from many diseases.

Therefore, it is important to take bath daily to get rid of sweat. One should take care take care of the following while taking bath–

1. One should take a bath daily. If a person can’t take a bath due to lack of water or any other reason, he must rub his body using a wet cloth or towel.

2. One should use lukewarm water for bathing because it removes the bacteria and germs stuck with the body.

3. One should wipe his body with a dry towel or cloth after bathing because a wet body may cause an infection resulting in diseases like herpes os itching.

4. One should use antiseptic soap and shampoo to take bath.

5. While taking a bath, one should properly clean the exposed parts and private parts because germs and parasites flourish in these parts and if not properly cleaned, then there’s a possibility of suffering from fatal diseases.

6. Small children have soft and sensitive skin. Parasites and germs can easily attack them. Therefore, it is necessary to make the bath and wipe with a wet cloth daily.

Cleaning of hairs and skin of head |Deepika Padukone

Not cleaning the hair properly may cause live and dandruff.  The skin becomes dry and hair become dull and lifeless. Therefore, it is important to clean hair 2-3 times a week using a good quality shampoo or fuller’s earth powder and must massage once in a week using lukewarm oil.

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When you’re shooting day in and day out, your hair is bound to be exposed to straighteners, curlers, hair sprays and a lot of hair styling products apart from the usual pollution. When it comes to hair care,

Deepika trusts nothing but coconut oil.

She’s been using it since childhood and believes that a weekly hair oil massage is the key to keeping her scalp healthy and protecting her hair follicles from all the heat damage and pollution.

if you want coconut oil

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Cleanliness of ears and eyes

Maximum of us take our ears and eye cleaning take as granted but now i will tell you the importance of ear and ear cleanliness. Eye should be washed daily by splashing water in them.

1. One should have a proper diet having vitamin A which improves the eyesight. 

2. One should never apply khol or mascara in the eyes which might cause infections. 

3. A regular eye checkup should also be followed.

4. The ears should also be taken care of. The ears Sholing be covered while bathing, and any pointed object, like pin, needle should not be inserted in the ears to avoid the risk of deafness and rupture of eardrums.

5. Nose is the main part of respiratory system.  Keeping it dirty and unclean may have a negative impact on our respiratory system . Therefore,  it is important to clean nose daily. One should bear mask in dusty areas to avoid the entrance of dust particles into their nose.

Cleanliness of hands

Many of our elders told us many times that we have to wash our hands it will cure ourselves from the entry of harmful germs, viruses and bacteria. Along with skin, hair and face ,care and cleanliness of hands are also important.  Ignoring the safety and cleanliness of hands amounts to inviting diseases. By cleaning our hands, we can save ourselves and others from diseases because germs and parasites enter our body via out hands.

Germs and Parasites

We know that germs and parasites are present all around us. Imagine how many times a day we contact with these germs and parasites. They propagate on our hands on touching our own  nose, skin, leg, etc. If we do not wash after touching these things then possibly the parasites of the hands enter the abdomen upon touching the respiratory parts or food materials or upon eating and make the person sick. Therefore, cleanliness of hands is important.

Many measures can be adopted for the cleanliness of hands-

1. One must properly wash his hands with soap  or ash after defecating.

2. It is important to wash hands before and after touching infected person.

3. Washing hands with clean water is necessary before eating anything.

4. It is important to wash hands before and after touching our nose, ears or eyes.

5. It is important to wash hands after touching pets.

6. Lukewarm water and a good antiseptic soap should be used to wash hands.

7. It is important to make the children wash their hands with antiseptic after they come back from an outdoor game. 

8. If water is not available, then the scrub  or wayerless hand sanitizers can also be used.

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