Jeet Selal india’s biggest fitness icon |interview

Jeet Selal india’s biggest fitness icon |interview

Today i m going to tell you about one of India’s biggest fitness icon who is none another then Jeet Selal. He is a very big fitness entrepreneur. He does a day job on the side in Australia, but he’s also running a couple of fitness businesses.

You can see his YouTube channel “JEET SELAL” and he is also about to launch his own fitness academy. He’s also running campaign called “DRUG FREE INDIA ” . Where the aim is to free up the world of drug and steroids use that we see in fitness today.


A lot of people says about him that he is making  videos sitting in Australia. What are they doing for the country? 

On this question he replies that love for you country should come naturally to you, as in; you shouldn’t have to ask someone or someone  shouldn’t  have to say ” I  M PATRIOTIC “. Everyone should have that feeling inside  irrespective of which city you’re in, in which  country you born in.  You should always keep ot close to your heart  otherwise there is no point. In the way you love your mothere that how you should love your  country.

Life risk

He balance his day job with YouTube with extra work of setting up  his academy in india. For this academy he takes break from his full time work and not to focus on money, career and his well stteled lifestyle.


Most important not thinking about these  things he has to come in India. He thinks money adds and flows man. Everybody’s earn money, because whatever you do in life it has to have a great impact because people will not remember you as a Billionaire, people will always remember you for the things  which you given back to the society.

Fueling incident for Jeet Selal

One day he was working out and he saw a small kid, he was around like 16 or 17 yrs and he use to workout with his zipper. On even in summer, when every one was sweating out and he was wearing a jacket. In all that heat he  was workingout and Jeet would always see him wearing that,  so he asked him that “what problem he was facing, what is the issue with you wearing this jacket?. So that he took off his jackets upper area and aftr that jèet could see all the stretch marks. His skin was completely ruined and deep red stretch marks were there.

A lot of acne on his body so he asked him ‘what happen’ so that boy told him that the owner of the gym, he was also a bodybulider. He suggested some sort of supplements and along with that something else, because of that he faced complications.

Then Jeet thought  that there ia a problem somewhere. All that children always see bodybuilder and modles as an inspiration and something that they wants to achieve,  but they don’t  know how to reach that point . That incident had happened and that shook Jeet selal and then he started his YouTube channel to give every knowledge about fitness.

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Fitness lifestyle

The line motivated jeet selal is that when krishna said to Arjun that ” Injustice happened to day might not be bothering you today but this injustice will definitely bother you in the future, so a wrong happened today should be stopped today.

There is some connection between fitness bussines and success. It teaches you how to be deciplined because you just have to think constantly about getting 

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