Labiatae(Lamiaceae)  Characteristics: Floral formula, Inflorescence | Mint family

Labiatae(Lamiaceae) Characteristics: Floral formula, Inflorescence | Mint family

Lamiaceae Characteristics Mint family Here we have the overview of this family. The Lamiaceae or Labiatae are a family of flowering plants commonly known as the mint or … The alternate family name Labiatae refers to the fact that the flowers typically have petals fused into an upper lip and a lower lip (labia in Latin). Flower. K(5) Co(5) S2, 2+2 P(2). Sexuality: bisexual. Symmetry: zygomorphic. Inflorescence: raceme or cyme, in whorls or leaf axils … Other features: fleshy nectar disc at ovary base, some have gynodioecy

plant that smells like mint: Sometimes they smell fruity like banana mint (Mentha arvensis ‘Banana’) or sweet and flowery like heliotrope (Mentha arvensis subsp. haplocalyx). … This is used as a mint substitute in the kitchen where the leaves and flowers are used to flavor soups and other dishes, and to make a minty tea.


Lamiaceae Characteristics Mint family


• Mint family (mint plant) is rather large containing 180 genera & 3500 species of worldwide distribution.

• Mediterranean region-chief center.

• In India-64 species 380 species occurring chiefly in comparatively dry areas and moderate altitudes

• Two chief centres: South India & North western India

Familiar Examples: lamiaceae plants

1. Mentha Piperata(Peppermint) 2. Ocimum sanctum ( Holy basil / Tulsi) 3. Salvia spp. (Sage) 4. Mentha virdis (Poodiana) 5. Mentha spicata (Mentha) Mint plant 6. Lavendula indica (Lavender)

mint plant, Lavendula indica
mint plant, mint flower


Mostly Aromatic annual or perrenial herbs,sometimes shrubs (Ocimum sanctum) or rarely small tree


Branched Tap root


herbaceous species quadrangular and hairy

Leaves :

opposite, exstipulate,simple ,blade is entire to multisect as in some species of Salvia

Abdundantly loaded with epidermal glands secreting volatile aromatic oils imparting  characteristic odour.


Verticillaster, arranged in raceme, spike or panicle

Lamiaceae Characteristics inflorescence


Bracteate, perfect, hermaphrodite, zygomorphic (rarely actinomorphic in mint plant Mentha), pentamerous, hypogynous

Lamiaceae Characteristics flower


Sepals 5, gamosepalous, bilabiate 1/4 or 3/2, valvate , persistent, inferior

Lamiaceae Characteristics Mint family caylx


Petals 5 , gamopetalous and is differentiated into a tube and a limb :tube-straight or bent  ,limb- usually two lipped ,bilipped (4/1;Ocimum or 2/3 Salvia) valvate,or imbricate


stamens 2-4, epipetalous, usually didynamous (rarely monodelphous), filaments usually free, anthers bithecous, dehiscence longitudinal

Lamiaceae Characters androecium


Bicarpellary, syncarpous, ovary superior, bilocular ultimately becomes tetralocular

Placentation axile, honey disc present below the ovary, style 1 gynobasic arising from the center of 4 lobed ovaries, Stigma usually bifid

 Mint family gynoecium


Schizocarp of 1-4 nutlets

Lamiaceae Characteristics : Fruit

Floral formula of Labiatae

floral formula of mint family


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