The reason behind Unexplained Weight Gain in Common-man of Middle-class families|Stay Healthy|Feel Young

The reason behind Unexplained Weight Gain in Common-man of Middle-class families|Stay Healthy|Feel Young

Want to know the major Reason behind Weight Gain in Common-man! We all know that today life is running very fastly like a bullet train. Yeah! It’s true to compare our lifestyle with the fastest train like bullet train leading to unexplained weight gain in our common population.

Changing lifestyle the eating habits and living style is getting disturbed because of this weight of every generation existing in this world from small kids to old man everyone is facing the problem of overweight. According to the world health organization in India every year more than 10,00000 people are getting affected by this major problem of overweight.

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So, guys read this whole blog to know more about Reason behind Weight Gain in Common-man problems and many more things

According to medical science on the Reason behind Weight Gain in Common-man that if your body weight mass index is more than 25 BMI that means you are in the category of overweight people and you should think about it and whose BMI is more than our near about 40 then they are in very dangerous point of obesity. In the simplest way, this means when the number of deposit fats is very high in number which can affect your health this is mainly called overweight (Motapa). So friends if you have unexplained weight gain, you will suffer a major health issue.

Reason behind Weight Gain in Common-man

  1. As we all know that the main reason Reason behind Unexplained Weight Gain in Common man but not only in common man in everyone is the use of junk food, fast food, and packaged food but instead of knowing this thing whenever we see fast food we can’t control yourself and just jump on it without caring about the empty pocket.

2. Avoid proper meal.

We always ignore health food because we consider yourself like a king/queen of a great Kingdom and we cant take tasteless health food. We always prefer tasty fast food and avoid nutritious food that results in our fat belly.

3.Dairy products

We always avoid eating dairy products and drink milk because we thought that it can increase our weight and that’s our bones and muscles start losing their identity, but now I will tell you the truth that these things are good for our bones and muscles. And most of the people strictly avoid ghee but you know what it a “fat burner”.

4. As we eat a lot of food and after that no physical activity is performed by us so this may be the major reason behind your heavyweight.

5. Metabolism

Muscle is the main metabolic tissue. Which of performing the functions of metabolism that means whatever we eat our muscles use that food as fuel to give energy to the body by which we perform every function of our daily life like moving, thinking, growing and many more. This whole process is actually called metabolism

The slow functioning of metabolism makes us fat and the thing which makes our metabolism slow. Is our slow and fewer activities?

6. Day sleep

Day sleep is also a great reason. After eating we have a great sleep which sends message to our body that we have no more necessity of any energy that’s why our digestion capacity decreases continuously and after some passage of time. The digestion capacity will permanently decrease and finally, we come in front of the audience with our thump stomach.


problems faced by people during suffering from various reasons behind weight gain in common-man

  1. Heavyweight, it surely gives birth to a number of diseases like blood pressure, accumulation of bad cholesterol and heart disease
  2. It can increase the chances of a heart attack.
  3. In joints, the blood circulation and oxygen supply are also get disturbed which can later give birth to joint pain.
  4. People can’t wear those clothes which actually they like to wear because of their irregular body shape.
  5. Extension of belly badly affects your body figure.
  6. Friends start mocking on you.
  7. Maximum of the youngsters face problems in their marriage fixing.

In the case of Female’s some more problems are there.

In the case of females they face much more problems of unexplained weight gain than the men

  1. The changes in women’s are faster in their body so overweight leads to the hormonal imbalance.
  2. Heavyweight women’s face irregularities in their periods.
  3. Having trouble getting pregnant.
  4. While walking and sitting they may face problems in breathing.
  5. Swelling in the body.

So, at last, I want to confess that take care of your health stare these content carefully and keep in mind that we have to avoid every irrelevant thing. We should think it out of life and we should try to acquire health and safe diet. If any of your friends are facing the problem of overweight so suggest her/her this site and be contacted with us for our more updates.

Here I have presented my case study on Reason behind Weight Gain in Common-man|Stay Healthy|Feel Young

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