Tips To Avoid Sleep While Study | Scientific Technique | Exam Tips for you

Tips To Avoid Sleep While Study | Scientific Technique | Exam Tips for you

I am totally Fed up with my sleep don’t want to sleep anymore in the daytime now, and I really want to know Tips To Avoid Sleep While Study so if you have the same problem as I then read this full article. First, complete your sleep. The human body needs a 6 – 8hrs sound sleep. If you really want to keep and grasp the material you are studying or you want to finish the work you are doing without feeling asleep, so you should not forget to sleep for at least 6 hours. Trust me, you need a sound mind for a thorough study session or to do your work properly. Afternoon sleepiness is a challenge for me. A fight we all fight. Yeah, it is like someone tied lead weights onto my eyelids whenever I open my books. So here is my take on that matter. So even after your proper sleep, you cannot focus like me, start.

no more sleep anymore in daytime, how to avoid sleepiness and laziness while studying

How to stop feeling tired all the time

What we shout Eat to Avoid sleep in Daytime

  1. Take a lunch low in carbohydrate and rich in protein. Don’t overeat lunch.
  2. Avoid high-calorie food before beginning your work. Avoid high carbohydrate food and go for something that has more proteins.
  3. Never fill your stomach completely, keep enough space in your stomach that you can eat more 10% of the food. Keeping yourself light will help you avoid laziness.
  4. Energized by eating a candy bar or taking a brisk 10-minute walk. Though the candy bar provided a quick energy boost, participants were actually more tired and had less energy an hour later. The 10-minute walk increased energy for two hours. 
  5. Have lots and lots of liquid, it may be water, tea or coffee. The choice is yours. Drink a glass of water every hour. Surely helps in keeping your brain hydrated. Coffee – caffeine helps to keep your brain stimulated. I found it better to keep having coffee up till about 3 to 5 hours before the time when you want to sleep.

Exercise to avoid sleepiness and laziness during daytime

  1. Do yoga, meditation. Do things that require more physical activity or more hands-on activities during the afternoon. Some fitness exercises that you thoroughly enjoy or play your favorite sport.
  2. Maintain a good body posture. Else you will end up sleeping on your books. Stretch your body at intervals. It relieves stress.
  3. Keep something to chew. Maybe a chewing gum (studies have shown that chewing gum helps in improving memory too) Some dry fruits can also come to your rescue.
  4. If you work at a desk, get up frequently for short walks. At meal breaks, take a walk or head for a nice spot to eat it. Whether you take a walk outside or just in the building where you live or work, it will make you feel more alert and refreshed.

Menigrew Tips to get up early in the morning

  1. Set a consistent sleeping and wake-up time. Daily I sleep at 10 o’clock and wake at 4 am on time.
  2. Set your alarm on the time when you want to wake up and put it far away from your bed because when you will wake up in the morning to stop it, you will automatically get up.
  3. When you wake up in the morning, don’t go to the bed again just go out and sit far from the bed because bed means sleep.
  4. What I experience is that we should switch off our AC or fans. Whenever I feel sleepy, I switch off my fan by doing this I’m saving electricity too.
  5. One more thing that I do is dip my feet in a bucket of warm water or just wash them with normal water. Sometimes I submerge my head in a bucket of cold water. If it doesn’t work, then take a cold shower.
  6. The impossible thing of nowadays generation is to leave their phone and social media but you have to Stay away from social media- you think you are taking a break, but it does nothing to keep you awake or refresh your mind.

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