Remedies that we can use in home for fast weight loss | Used by bhomi pednekar|Diet Plan

Remedies that we can use in home for fast weight loss | Used by bhomi pednekar|Diet Plan

Nowadays everyone is using powders, medicines, and many more chemicals to lose their weight. I will suggest you some simple and easy weight loss home remedies to lose your weight quickly. Because of the fact that a person is determined by doing anything in his mind, someone has done something like that she is none another but a Bollywood actress bhomi pednekar. Many of you will hear that in her debut movie “dum lga k haisha”. She gained weight around 90 kg and before her movie was about to release, she first weighed 30 kilos.

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This is very surprising because many people spend two to three years to lose weight even though they weigh only 2 or 3 kg. There are many ways they use to reduce the hymn but surprisingly, she did not hire any nutrition guide to lose weight, simply she took help of their mama to lose her weight.

I will tell you some Remedies that we can use in home for weight loss and also tell you about a few important yoga that is very helpful in losing your weight.

Some popular Remedies that we can use in home for weight loss

We all believe in this thing that whatever homemade things we use in our daily life is much safer and effective for us. So now I will tell you a safe, the best and cheap method which can help you in reducing your body weight without affecting your health.

Let’s start some best Remedies that we can use in home for weight loss which helps you in losing your weight. This can help you in figure out your body in perfect shape without wasting your much time lets begin…..

Bitter gourd

The best solution is the juice of bitter gourd because it makes your digestive system healthy. We all know this thing that the taste of Bittergourd is very bitter its bitterness is because of the presence of momordicines in it,

According to Ayurveda and Naturopathy when we take more momordicines in our food it makes our ever system of the body healthy, also helps in working properly. If any of them is not working properly will rapidly get well that’s why Bittergourd helps us to lose our body weight and never effects our health.

Now i will tell you how to use/apply this home remedy

Home Remedies

  • When you woke up in the morning you should peal 2-3 Bitter gourds and get the seeds out of it.
  • Cut them in pieces and squeeze it with some water in e juicer. The sieve this whole material.
  • Add some lemon juice in it.
  • Take this juice every day on an empty stomach because it helps you in throwing of fats out from our body.
  • You will start losing your weight when you regularly use, you will automatically notice a great change in your body within 2 months and after 4 months you will gain a perfect body shape.

2.Butter Milk

Another best way is that you can use whey (buttermilk). It is the best treatment. I will recommend you because it helps you to get out your fasts and acidic as well as the posinous substance from your body.

  • It makes your digestive system health and its regular use will always help your digestive system in their proper working.
  • Do you really want to see a rapid and great change in your body? Then continue the reading…… For losing your weight
  • Take a glass of whey. Add half spoon of celery. Celery should be crushed as like a powder.
  • Add 1/4 of black salt in it.
  • Everyday take this mixture for 2 times in a day.
  • You can’t take it after your meal or if not possible y any reason so whenever you will get the time you can take it.
  • You can notice the change in your body that your digestive system will start working properly and if you use this weight losing home remedies regular so within 1 week you can see the change in your body weight also.

This the Remedies that we can use in home for weight loss which is tested by many people. They notice the change in their body weight and their health that’s why I m suggesting these Remedies that we can use in home for weight loss with you. It is very easy and cheap to use.

Circumstances and caution

You should take care of some cautions when you will try these Remedies that we can use in home for weight loss. When you obey some caution with these remedies you will appear with better results.

  1. We should take water, allovera juice, amla juice, more and more because it keeps you away from a very severe problem named constipation. It helps to digest your food properly. Help out the poisonous stuff out of the body which helps us a lot in losing our body weight.
  2. We should not take fruit juice because it can increase your weight. So instead of drinking juices, you can eat fruits because it provides fibers which will reduce your body fat.
  3. Guys if you really want to lose your weight you should avoid sweets, meat, sugar, oily/fried food. It will increase your weight because of the presence of great level of cholesterol in it.
  4. The main thing that everyone should do, if you want to lose your body weight, so exercise is the main important thing.
  5. Minimum to minimum you should have to do exercise for 20 minutes at least. If you are not interested in doing the exercise you can use cardio. You can play games which forces you to run, you can also dance. If you like to that way to your workout your sweat will come out.
  • Drink water,  especially before a meal.
  • Exercise portion control or count calories.
  • Do cardio.
  • Lift weight.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat more protein.
  • Quit drinking calories.
  • Chew more slowly.
  • Don’t diet, just eat healthily
  • So no to every heavy food.
  • Avoid the use of burger. 
  • No chips.
  • Ice cream is also bad for you.
  • No fast food.
  • Reduce the intake of chocolate.
  • NO white bread.
  • No soda.
  • Limit the use of cakes or donuts.
  • No cookies or candy.

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