Irregular Periods in girls Treatments and Causes|Stay Free

Irregular Periods in girls Treatments and Causes|Stay Free

Irregularities in periods, irregular periods

Periods are also called Menstrual cycle. In this blog i m going to tell you everything about the irregular periods in girls.  Its causes and treatments.
Treatment for irregular periods during puberty and around the menopause is not usually necessary, but if irregular periods occur during the reproductive years, medical advice may be necessary.  

Irregular Periods

Your period cycle is not always like clockwork. While  some  female take their menstruations right on a celender every days, other women’s cycles are not so predictable. To decide whether your period schedule is irregular,  calculate from the last day of your last menstruations and end counting on the first day of your next. Do again this for three months.


  • A number of girls face irregular periods in girls every year are generally nothing to worry about. Any more than that, and you should consult with physician be sure an ovulation difficulty or health situation is not the reason. 
  • Minimum 30% of female have to face irregular periods in girls during their child bearing years. While an irregular cycle is not generally a trouble, it may occasionally indicator of health problems.
  • An irregular periods in girls may also create it harder to take pregnant particularly if you are not ovulating each month. Female with irregular mensurations who are trying to have a baby are occasionally prescribed fertility drugs to raise ovulation. 
  • A usual period cycle lasts 28 days, minus or plus 7 days. Period bleeding is considered irregular if it happens more normally than every 21 days or last longer than 8 days. Early or late mensurations are also considered symptoms of an irregular cycle.



Work out to much may throw off the timing of period bleeding and sometimes stop it. It is general for endurance athletes to have irregular periods in girls.  An eating disorder, dieting, and sickness may havr the same effect.


Short-term anxiety and chronic stress about an exact problem may wreak havoc with your hormone balance. It is the reaon an irregular cycle and a missed mensuration. 

If the stress is a problem culprit in your irregular period,try stress management systems, such a yoga, meditation, and biofeedback.  Avoid diet excessively and try not to over exercising, as doing so may interface with your period cycle.


Birth control pills may create your mensuration lighter. It can reason you to miss periods or less or more frequent mensurations – or even no mensurations at all.

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome  (PCOS):

This health situation causes tiny cysts to form on ovaries, intrusive with regular ovulation. Female with PCOS typically have a history of irregular periods in girls . PCOS can raise the threat of heart disease and diabetes. 

5. Women Age :

Oral contraceptive pills can be given to take your menstruation back on track. These systems are sometimes applied for menstrual irregularities and premenstrual syndrome. 

                    6. Thyroid problems: 

When girls first begin having mensurations, their period cycles can not always be on the same  schedule each month. It can take some years to  settle into a pattern. In addition,  lighter periods are ordinary as women near menopause.


You can follow some exercise and diets. These exercises and diets can help you to recover your regular periods.  Today I shall describe top 5 exercise and diets, which help you to treat for irregular periods in girls.

Treatment for the underlying problem is likely to be prescribed. This may include medication, radioactive iodine therapy or surgery.

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1. Boil one half teaspoon of fresh ginger in a mug of water for four to six minutes.

2. Include a little sugar

3. Take this 3 times per day after eating foods.

4. Do this for approximately one month or more.

Cinnamon Tea

1. Just include a one half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of milk.

Take this ever day for some weeks.

2. You may also take cinnamon tea, or chew cinnamon sticks daily. 

Aloe Vera

1. Take out fresh Aloe Vera gel from an aelo leaf.

2. Bland in one teaspoon of honey. 

3. Take it everyday before having your breakfast.

4. Use this remedy for approximately 4 months 

Note – Do not apply this remedy during your mensuration.S


1. Use a one quarter teaspoon of turmeric with honey, milk or jaggery. Consume it ever day for some weeks.

2. You may also get turmeric in supplement form; discuss with your physician for suitable dosage.


This is mainly helpful for irregular mensurations connected with stress and menopause. Use unripe papaya juice daily for several months.  Remember;  do not drink ot during your mensuration.

Yoga and exercises 


1. Sit down on heels by folding your legs backward.

2. Put palm of your hands on your thighs and be seated straight.

3. Now bfeathe slowly and extremely through the nostrils and focus on your breathing for 3-4 minutes.

 Yoga deep breathing exercise 

1. Training 7 breathing exercises daily discharge tension and stress.

2. Seven exercises coll the mind and soul.

3. Increase immune system and stays away from all illness.

4. It can help to follow women period regular.  

Baddhakonasana| PCOS

1. It is yoga exercise for irregular mensurations. This is very helpful pose to excite stomach organs and reproductive system.

2. Daily practicing of this exercise treats PCOS normally and regulates irregular mensurations successfully.


1. Develops the function of reproductive organs.

2. Reduce constipation and treat abdomen disorder.

3. Good for an irregular period patient to make her periods regular.


4. This is a useful exercise to decrease belly fat.

1. Make stronger abdomen muscles.

2. Treats irregular period cycle.

3. Develops digestion process. 

4. Burns belly fat.

5. Reduce back pain.

Now in the last some period tips for you

Period Tips

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