What Happens When You Drink Water After a Meal | Wrong drinking way

What Happens When You Drink Water After a Meal | Wrong drinking way

Water is an essential thing for all living organisms without water we can’t imagine our life. I know you are in quite a shock after reading my title that is What Happens When You Drink Water After a Meal Yes! This is true if you don’t know about the best ways to drink water because when it will consume in the wrong way will become the reason for a most shocking disease like Migraine, Arthritis, indigestion, Hairfall, Skin problems (Allergy), Lethargy, heart problems, and kidney problems.

As we all know water is beneficial for us and without water, we can’t use the nutrients that come from carbs, proteins, and fats so that doesn’t mean that we can drink it whenever we want to.

How water can prove to be deadly for some reasons | Water drinking ways

As a medical student and a nutritionist, I know the best ways to drink water and how it will help to improve your health because there are 99% of the people who are drinking water in a wrong way because of which they unintentionally harming their body rather than getting benefits of this miraculous gift.

Way of drinking

Fast drinking

In this busy schedule, we all are in very much hurry and never pays attention to our health but the maximum of us remembers drinking water when we get thirsty and in the pressure of workload we drink water but even faster than it could be.

Drinking water is good but drinking water very fast is not good. When we ingulf water fastly our body doesn’t accept it and flush it out because our stomach is acidic in nature and saliva is in basic whose job is to stabilize the acid in the stomach and when water enters our body very fastly very less saliva get to mix with the water so the atmosphere inside the stomach remain acidic this may cause many health issues.

Ideally, one should slowly sip the water to trap its maximum use, which can benefit our body. You should avoid bottles for drinking for even better you should use glass.

Water after Meal

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After my meal, the first thing I wanted was water, I guess the same case is in your side if yes so I have a piece of terrible news for you that drinking water after the meal is the worst decision for your health because when we eat a meal our body temperature get rises for the proper digestion of food. When instantly just after the meal, we drink water it dilutes the gastric juices. Reducing the body’s ability to digest the food and in results, you will face bloating gas and indigestion.

In this way, the food doesn’t get digested properly and rots within the system and when food riots; the body cannot absorb nutrients from it. That’s why many people complain about acidity, gas even after eating healthy food.

The process of digestion starts from the mouth when we chew our food. Saliva has specific enzymes that help in digestion, drinking water after a meal reduces the amount of saliva that results in great digestion issues. It can raise the insulin level and also cause a very dangerous disease named cancer this is What Happens When You Drink Water After a Meal

We should drink water after an hour of your meal. You can drink water 30 mins before your meal, which is the best way to satisfy your thirst during eating.

Drinking water while standing

Nowadays in this running life, a maximum of the people used to drink water while standing. A great issue is here which you are ignoring but this also a big thing which is affecting your health.

When we drink water while standing, our kidneys cannot filter the water properly. With too much fast water, your kidneys may have to work even harder, creating a stressful reaction from your hormones that leave our body and we feel stressed and tired. 

Our muscles and brain are not relaxing in this standing position and makes it difficult for our nerves to digest the fluid. I strictly prescribe you to sit down and sip water slowly.

Drinking chilled water prove deadly

Are you the one who comes from outside and opened the door of a refrigerator for cold water so now read this with you open eyes and mind. Drinking chilled water can not only saw your throat but also has serious demerits. Coldwater shrinks the blood vessels and seriously restricts the digestion process.

It solidifies the fats and because of this our body not able to digest it. Another major effect of drinking cold water causes joint pain and decreases heart rate that is What Happens When You Drink Water After a Meal

One should drink water at room temperature and if you are dying for cold water so use earthen pots a perfect natural water cooler which also maintains the PH of the water.

Chilled water, How water can prove to be deadly for some reasons | Water drinking ways

Drinking too much water

Everyone around us is always used to order us to drink more water but we all know the excess of anything is bad as this in-taking of much water is also bad for us. Now you have question arises in your mind that What Happens When You Drink Water After a Meal

I will tell you about my mom someone told her to drink more water even she is thirsty or not because they think more water more benefits. As we all know, we have to drink only 8 glasses of water in a day.

Excess water can lead to lower sodium levels in the body, which may further lead to nausea, vomiting, cramps, fatigue, etc. We know this condition as hyponatremia. 

When we drink too much water, our electrolyte levels drop and the balance is compromised. Low electrolyte levels can cause symptoms like muscle spasms and cramping. 

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